I was like these post it notes

I feel like I was being ripped off in s wrong way so I wouldn’t stay on the wall to let me feel safe

The edges the corners kept coming off ina dangerous way that I worry it will com off

I hate the sound

Like a leaf

And you definitely know it is falling off

I am that note

I formed a shadow, and all I need is a flip or a swip of the pillow or stupid stuffed animals 

Then I was being found

I am being pushed pack, pressed by fingertips to a surface I don’t even want

And I come off in a dangerously, insecure way, I scared and worried myself and goes on

I quiver, I do,in the tiniest bit of air current,a breeze,a sneeze,a tissue,a bless u 

Then sands come off my body like tears

 Dry tears

Dry big drops

Coming off like caramel poocorns

Funny when you are used passive voice but everyone you are referring to is just you uh?

And,don’t fucking understand this, cuz u really don’t 


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