I am going to put it this way

You know some times we’ve had really hard times and just burn out on people around us

 That is just not fair

And you know sometimes we just back off from all the nice things because we think we don’t deserve them and we can never be nice

That’s because you are hard on yourself for a very long time

Sometimes when we live without something that everybody has

We work harder and pretend we don’t mind 

And in the end we really don’t care anymore and event think that we become stronger this way

 But once you got a chance and someone offered you that thing and now you are the same as others!

For people like us, who are far away from home

That’s belonging

You give us stuff we don’t have for so long and madeus the same as others, a little bit more

You accept it and you curse yourself for being so lame

But hey you got it

You are like others now

And suddenly you can be softer and tinder with yourself and not so vicious

Being vicious and mean to yourself is not cool at all

It may sounds cool but on the long run you would notwant that

Just leave it

People will come with things you lack for so long and tinder you 

Like steak and broth


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